Monday, May 21, 2012

I Am...

It's gratitude list time.

My sinuses feel pretty good for the first time this year.

So does my voice.

I am in the middle of a show run with cast members I really enjoy and audiences that are embracing us heartily. And there's a possibility of an extension.

My family are all healthy and still with me. I had a lovely conversation with my Daddy in Florida this afternoon. I'm grateful that at almost 63 he felt healthy enough to run a 5k for charity - he came in 3rd in his 60 and up age group. Considering we almost lost him in the late 90's, this is MUCH to be grateful for.

The yard my late friend/neighbor Matt went to such great lengths to carefully create and cultivate himself is still alive, and while not exactly thriving per se, is certainly not suffering too much, praisaluiah! Flowers blossomed, some grass grew and all is not lost. I haven't killed your masterpiece yet, Matty!

There is food in my fridge. I won't starve anytime soon.

My car runs adequately.

I'm stuck with a cat I didn't choose...but he is a very good boy and very sweet, so I couldn't have lucked out more.

My little five year old quasi-nieces still have hugs, kisses and "I love yous" readily available whenever they see me.

My sis came up for my birthday over Mother's Day weekend and we had a lovely time. She took me to get our nails did and to a yummy Italian place for dinner and she got to see my show. She's my bestie.

Another season of Supernatural and Fringe are on the way.

My neighbor's daughter and grandchildren, who aren't on the lease but live with him anyway, are very nice, sweet, considerate people and make every effort to keep the noise down so that I am able to conduct my voice lessons in peace.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day in Venice Beach with a friend - I've never been there before. I hear it's quite interesting.

The weather has been amazingly beautiful lately. Not too hot during the day, not too cool at night.

The people in my life seem to genuinely love me. Even when I'm uber-preachy about gay rights and fat acceptance. And I mean preachy!

I am abundant. I am abundANCE.