Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today I'm Grateful...

"Dark Darci" is knocking on my door right now because I've been sick for a week with a nasty sinus infection and cough. My voice is trashed and will take weeks and weeks to recover after the illness has past. This happens several times a year. There's a lesson I'm not learning apparently, or it wouldn't keep plaguing me.

That at the most said, I have found that when "Dark Darci" rears her ugly head, I'm able to at least partially exorcise her by making a gratitude list. And so that is exactly what I'm going to do right now. I know the truth to be that I will not heal any faster by dwelling on my misery and worrying about all the things I need my voice to get better for. As stated by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, "Worrying has no transformational value. Worry is emotionally rehearsing all of the very things you don't want to happen." I must heal my thought process in order to heal my body.

Therefore, today I'm grateful...

1) ...that even now my body is restoring itself to its original state of perfect health and well-being. (Thanks for that affirmation, Louise Hay!)

2) ...for Stove Top Stuffing. It's mushy and warm - perfect soar throat food.

3) ...for my comfortable old bed. I cannot imagine being sick and trying to get well on a mat in the dirt. Thankyouthankyouthankyouformybed.

4)...that my parents and siblings are all alive and healthy. Well, mostly. We're all a little mental, admittedly.

5) ...for pretty Christmas lights. (Yes, my decorations are still up. Shut up.)

6) ...for fresh new tv shows this week, FINALLY! (It's only an "idiot box" if you watch the shows that actually cast idiots)

7) ...for the book my sis loaned me that I'm currently reading -- "Dry" by Augusten Burroughs. Wanna feel better about your life? Read that guy's books. Seriously. You have no problems.

8) ...for the ten people who will bother to read this blog. Hey, that's YOU!

9) ...for modern science, from which comes the medication that is working to make me better.

10) ...for living in a country where I still have access to said medication, even if our healthcare system is broken.

11)  ...for a friend who called to see if I need anything. ♥

12) ...for a day with my 4 year old twin nieces tomorrow, whom I haven't seen since before Christmas. I'll be even MORE grateful if they go a little easy on their old Aunt Darci.

13) ...for Producer Jacole and Director Chris who are INSISTENT that we keep plugging away on my video for "Go On" even though we have no idea how we're paying for it. The French call this Le Stepping in Faithe.

14) ...for butter. Butter is really good.

15) ...for quiet evenings watching dvds with DangerPickleKitty snoring under my coffee table...

...which is about to become reality right now.

"All healing is at first a healing of the heart." ~Carl Townsend

All uphill from here!

Be blessed and thankful,

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