Tuesday, April 27, 2010


If you are a member of my Facebook fan page then you know we've been VERY hard at work on the video. There are tons of pictures and video snippets of our shoots there for your perusal. We are so pleased with what we have so far, I believe we are making a beautiful, meaningful video that will bring a message of hope and encouragement to whomever watches and I can't wait to have it done!

Alas...we are at the point where our shoestring budget is seriously slowing us down. We have two more shooting days to go and they are very ambitious scenes (like...we're really kind of crazy to think we can accomplish this without major label help, but we're pressing on anyway). This is where I, Director Chris, Producer Jacole and our crew could really use your help. There are two ways:

1) If the Spirit moves you, we are taking monetary donations to help us finish the video. All donors' names will be listed in the credits, unless you'd prefer to stay anonymous (sincerest thanks to a donor whose generous gift has gotten us this far already as well as to all our amazing actors and crew members who've worked so hard for us thus far). Wouldn't you like to see an unsigned artist's video racking up some serious numbers on sites like VH1.com, MTV.com, YouTube, etc.? And wouldn't it be a nice change from the...ummm...other kinds of videos? We're really trying to make an amazing tiny movie that will reach people with a message of love. And my dream is actually be invited to sing this song at the grand opening of the NEW Twin Towers when that day comes. Wouldn't THAT rock? You could be directly responsible for making it happen! Oh...and I've kinda got a birthday coming up on May 12th. This would make the best. gift. EVER.

TO DONATE TO THE "GO ON MUSIC VIDEO FUND" YOU CAN CLICK ON "THE TIP JAR" TO THE RIGHT. If you do not have a PayPal account, no worries, they take credit and debit cards from non-members, safely and securely. Thank you in advance for your generosity and belief in our project!

2) We are looking for someone IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA who would be willing to donate the use of their property for our final shoot day, tentatively scheduled for sometime in June. We need the look of natural sprawl - grass, trees, at least 50 yards of walkable space (that's half a football field), no signs of domestication like buildings or billboards or anything like that. We need a giant space where a very large group of people can be filmed strolling through. If you or anyone you know (or anyone they know who knows someone who might know someone else, etc.) has a great big heart AND GREAT BIG PROPERTY , PLEASE contact us immediately at go.onmusicvideo@gmail.com. Including photos of the property would be a big, phat, awesome bonus. And all will be left EXACTLY as we found it. You may query, "But Darci, why don't you just film at a park somewhere?" Cuz there's all sorts of paperwork to file and chaperones to hire and permits to pay the city to be able to do that. L.A. don't let ya get away wit NUTTIN. We know there is a benevolent property owner out there who wants to help us.

Again, thanks for your help in any way you can give it. :-)

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